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Chakradance is a true expression of the soul

Chakradance is a movement therapy like no other, it is a fusion of four elements: the chakras, movement, music and mandala art.

​Here you will embark on a journey of discovering the rhythm of your soul, dance spontaneous rhythmic movements of your own, be empowered by the healing energies of the chakras and how to move these energies to help promote good health and wellbeing.

​I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery and to embrace all that is abundant to you.

Please bring a bottle of water.

Sacred blessing to all xx


" love so much about Chakradance. I love that we can choose to fully surrender our mind, body and soul to the dance. We can become like a wild animal, or dance with one of our ancient ancestors. I also love that we can choose to dip one toe into the dance. That we can test out the waters and see how we feel in a chakra energy. We can lay on the floor and let our chakras do the dancing, if that is what our body, or our mind needs that day. Each dance is different. Each dance is exactly what we need in that moment.'"- Natalie Southgate



Healing Stones


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