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Since man-kind first dug their hands into the ground and discovered these beautiful natural stones, crystals have been revered as mystical objects of high value. Ancient tools were made of Obsidian, Quartz and other crystals were used in divination, healing and ceremony. Brightly coloured crystals were ground up and used as pigments, and crystal adornments were created to ward of evil spirits and bring wealth and vitality.

Crystals come from Mother Nature, the very ground we walk on. Once formed, crystals are the most stable and organized forms of matter in the universe. The structure of a crystals physical form emits a consistent vibration, and each type of crystal has a different vibration, a different energy. 

Crystal Healers utilize the wide variety of crystals Mother Nature provides to align the Subtle Energies within your body, creating balance and harmony. 

Crystal Healers use two main methods to facilitate healing. Firstly, crystals can be used to channel, amplify and direct energy (vibrations) from the healer or other energies present in our world.

Secondly healers can directly use the energy emitted from the crystal itself. These two methods can be used solely on their own or combined in ceremony to harmonize your Subtle Energy fields healing you emotionally and spiritually.

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Crystal Healing

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Your Crystal Healing Experience

Kim will take you on a personal healing journey using a combination of crystals healing methods to assist with your specific healing needs.

Firstly we will take time to connect with you, find out how you are feeling and where these feelings may stem from. Then we will decide on which crystals may benefit you and how best to use them for your healing.

Lay back and relax while we gently guide you into a calm and restful state with some deep breathing exercises and spiritual meditation. Setting an intention of healing we will begin placing crystals.

With your permission will place crystal grids directly on your body. This enables the crystal energy to flow directly to where it is needed. We will also place crystals around your body amplifying the healing energy.
Holding crystals in your hands while listening to our guided meditation and relaxing music you will embark on a crystal healing journey, exploring your deepest emotions. Then letting go you will come to a state of spiritual awareness that will facilitate your healing.

There will be an opportunity at the end to openly share your experience, write in your journal or read a book from our Library.

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