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Hi, I’m Kim, Founder of Tribal Soul Sanctuary 

In my 20's & 30's I was so engrossed in modern working life that I forgot who I was, and what was truly important to me. I had stepped away from everything that aligned with me and had become a "yes" person, stressed, always tired and felt like I no longer knew what my purpose in life. was. I've faced some major health and lifestyle issues that have led me to reinvent myself and it's given me the opportunity to reconnect with the ancient practices of sound and self-healing. 


I discovered the power of Sound Healing when I went to my first sound bath. Although the experience brought out a lot of emotions for me, I realized this is what I needed most to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It was at this very first soundbath experience that fell in love with Sound Healing, and I have since completed a Diploma in Sound Healing. I now have a large range of instruments to play that is always expanding so I can continue exploring sound and working on creating new soundscapes. So, here I am, assisting others on their healing journey, introducing sound to people who feel drawn to it and I love every moment of it.


I have completed study in Crystal Shamanism, Crystal Healing, Womens Circle Facilitation & Reiki. I enjoy creating mixed modality classes to bring a holistic approach to my healing sessions.


I am a creative free spirit, and I am blessed with an abundance of compassion and understanding.



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