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Reiki is a ancient Japanese healing technique that is practiced through symbols and the placing of hands near or on the body. At its core Reiki is an energy practice involving the channeling and delivery of universal life energy, an animate energy found everywhere with and around us. The term Reiki literally means “spiritually guided life energy”.

A Reiki practitioner learns the practice by earning a graduated set of attunements in which the Reiki Master transfers energy. Ancient symbols represent the attunements and are used to focus the Reiki Healers energy and intention.

The Reiki symbols can be held in the mind of the practitioner, drawn on the chakra or part of the body with a finger or physically drawn on paper, in sand or earth. Reiki symbols can even be performed for distance healing.

There are many Reiki symbols, but 3 main Reiki symbols used are the:

Power Reiki Symbol – Cho Ku REi
Harmony Reiki Symbol – Sei Hei Ki
Completion Reiki Symbol – Raku

Reiki Symbols can be drawn clockwise or counterclockwise to add or subtract subtle energies aiding to balance your chakras. The Reiki Healer can use their hands to draw out or move subtle energy within your body. 

Reiki is known to promote relaxation and help induce a meditative state. While the body is relaxed Reiki may then reduce stress and anxiety and facilitate self-healing.

Reiki aids in healing by helping people become energetically balanced — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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Reiki & How it Works

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Your Reiki Experience

We will take you on a personal healing journey using a combination of crystals healing and Reiki methods to assist with your specific healing needs.

Firstly, we will take time to connect with you using crystal dowsing to locate energy variances. Then we will decide on which crystals and Reiki symbols that may benefit you.

Lay back and relax while we gently guide you into a calm and restful state with some deep breathing exercises, calming music and spiritual meditation. Setting an intention of healing. With your permission we will place crystal and Reiki symbols directly on your body or around you.

There will be an opportunity at the end to openly share your experience, write in your journal or read a book from our Library.

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