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Sodalite Tumbles

Sodalite Tumbles


This polished Sodalite tumble is perfect to be held in your open hand, placed on your body for gentle healing.


Price is for 1 Sodalite tumble crystal chosen at random.

Size approximately Size varies slightly with each stone.


Sodalite, also known as the “Poets Stone" is an excellent crystal for calming the mind. It encourages rational thought, truth, and intuitive perception together with the verbalization of your feelings. Aiding in communication not only with others, but within yourself. Sodalite is excellent for shadow work and self-expression.


Sodalite enhances self-esteem, self-trust, and self-acceptance, transforming mental conditioning and creating room for a new positive mindset.


Connect with your deepest self, and journey with the wisdom of your intuition using Sodalite.


Key Attributes: logic, truth, intuition, communication, psychic ability

Chakra: Throat and Third Eye

Element: Water and Air

Zodiac: Sagittarius


You will recieve a random crystal. Size and weight are approximate. Colour may vary from screen slightly.

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