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Vibration & Subtle Energy

Have you ever walked into a room after an argument has occurred and you can feel the “bad vibes”, you can “cut the air with a knife”, or you feel as if you are “walking on eggshells”?

Science has proven that everything has a vibration. Light, air, sound and even objects that appear to be solid are made of vibrating atoms. We can’t always hear or see these vibrations, but they are definitely there. 

Since you are also made of atoms, you vibrate as well. Within your body each part of you has different vibrations. Your body’s organs, bones, skin, nervous system, neurons, and cells right down to each atom all have different vibrations. And together your whole body vibrates in a collective symphony that is uniquely you.

Your physical body is only part of your symphony. Your thoughts and emotions are also a part of you that vibrates, this is what is called our Subtle Energies. Stress, traumatic events and grief, can distort your natural vibrations causing negative feelings and emotions to manifest and even thrive. Stress and depression, your Subtle Energies gone wrong, are the leading causes of physical dis-ease and mental health issues today, and tragically it can even lead to suicide. 

Did you know that up to 80% of all dis-ease stems from stress and anxiety?

With this being said, Subtle Energy Healing has been known to help treat such conditions as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, pain and autism. It is also well known to help achieve clarity and balance, relaxation, improved memory and concentration, improved sleep, a stronger immune system, improved creativity & heightened awareness.

Ultimately, it will help you feel better.

Of course, modern medicine and pharmaceutical drugs can treat our symptoms and we would be lost without them, but do they treat the cause of the illness, of how we feel emotionally, our Subtle Energies, our VIBE?

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What about
Environmental Vibrations?

Living in our technological modern-day world also poses a threat to our Subtle Energies. Electrical devices like mobile phones, computers and TV’s emit Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF’s) and although we cannot see this energy, it can profoundly affect our Subtle Energies.


The man-made items that surround our every day lives can also have an affect on our natural Subtle Energies unbalancing them and making us feel unwell. All these disruptive and unnatural vibes are mostly out of our control and cause dis-harmony resulting in negative emotions, stress, and physical illness.

This is where Subtle Energy Healing can help

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So How Can We
Change Our Vibrations?

It is believed that during illness or disease the vibration in the cells is less effective or there is a reduction in the frequency of the vibration.

Mark Menolascino, MD explains that "everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency… Those vibrations interact with every cell in your body." In other words, the vibrations made by instruments or vocals can actually interact with your body's cells to create specific results: in this case, to raise or balance your bodies vibrational frequency and encourage self-healing.
Imagine holding a tuning fork in each hand of the same pitch. Striking one fork will make it vibrate and create a sound. The other tuning fork will begin to vibrate as well, also creating a sound even though it wasn’t struck. In physics this is called Sympathetic Resonance.

Utilizing Sympathetic Resonance Subtle Energy Healers can use musical instruments, their voice, crystals, objects from nature, and even their own energy to bring your personal vibration, your Subtle Energies back into alignment. This creates harmony in your bodies natural vibration making you feel better. Your emotions return to calm, peace, and happiness, relieving you of the physical symptoms of stress, illness and dis-ease.
Raise your vibration creating Good Vibes, Healing, and Wellness with:

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