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We are so thankful for the amazing people who have joined our tribe and for the beautiful and thoughtful gifts we have been given.

Mally, your handmade smudge sticks are so thoughtful and meticulously made, not to mention they smell amazing!! Thank you so much for your generosity and your company beautiful soul.

Sherri, your handmade soaps are just divine, they smell to die for!! Beautifully crafted and a must-have for everyone especially knowing there are no nasties hidden in there. Thank you for being such a Divine Goddess and joining our tribe, your company is truly amazing.

Donna, I don't even know where to start.... this gift you handmade for our tribal gatherings using our logo was so unexpected and so beautiful we could have cried. You are so thoughtful, generous and super talented. You have brought a vivacious spark to our tribe with your wonderful personality, and we are so grateful to have met you and Susie.

The bonds and friends we have made in the last few weeks truly feels like we have connected with our tribe, and I am talking about ALL of the amazing people who have come through our doors...this is just the beginning beautiful souls I can't wait to expand and grow together for years to come. So much love and light to you all

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