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New Australian Wildflower Eye Pillows

Enjoy Tribal Soul Sisters new range of Australian Wildflower Eye Pillows.

Eye Pillows are used in meditation while lying down to block out unwanted light so you can meditate any time of the day, anywhere.

Put this Eye Pillow in a reusable zip lock bag or container and put it in your fridge or freezer for 10 minutes to create a cooling effect perfect for summer meditation.

This Eye Pillow is hand made from 100% cotton fabric and features double stitching for durability and decorative embroidery on the closure. The cover is removable so it can be washed and reused. The inner bag has organic filling.

For an Aromatherapy experience while meditating a Scent Sachet can be added to this Eye Pillow. Tribal Soul Sisters has created a range of Scent Sachets that can be purchased separately.

Purchase these beautiful Australian Wildflower Eye Pillows from our Online Shop now.

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