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Remedial massage here at Tribal Soul Sanctuary

Remedial massage is a complementary therapy that focuses on your knotted, achy, and tense knotted muscles. Locating affected areas of the body and applying remedial massage can help speed your body’s own natural healing process. Muscle tension can radiate pain to other parts of your body. Remedial massage aims to discover the original cause of your pain targeting both the cause and the symptom providing effective relief. Depending on your preference and healing needs the pressure applied in remedial massage can either be strong focusing on deep tissue or shallow and gentle.

Our massage room is both private and comfortable. With gentle music playing and dimmed lighting providing a relaxing environment, so you feel completely pampered while receiving you massage.

We have two experienced massage therapists Maria and Mike, who are genuinely friendly and caring. Choose from either a half hour for $50 or a one-hour session for $80. with Maria or Mike.

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