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Amethyst - Medium Natural Cluster

Amethyst - Medium Natural Cluster

SKU: CRY0004

This medium natural cluster of Amethyst crystal is perfect to be held in your open hand, placed on your body, and for your room.  A deep  lavender purple colour Amethyst crystals.


Size: 66mm long x 33mm wide x 15mm high.

Weight: 48 grams


Amethyst has a high vibration and is one of the most spiritual crystals promoting love of the divine and spiritual wisdom. Known as the “stone of spirituality and contentment” it opens the crown chakra, inducing a higher state of consciousness and peace of mind perfect for meditation.

Its serenity clears the aura and protects against stress and negative environmental and psychic energies.


The word Amethyst comes from the Greek Amethystos meaning “not intoxicated” and helps overcome addictions and blockages of all kinds. It dispels anger, fear, and anxiety with its tranquillity and deeper understanding.


Key attributes: wisdom, peace, serenity, tranquillity, manifestation
Chakra: Crown

Zodiac: Aquarius

Element: Water


You will recieve the exact crystal in the photo. Size and weight are approximate. Colour may vary from screen slightly.

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