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Banded Onyx Heart

Banded Onyx Heart


This beautiful Banded Onyx crystal has been carved in to a hart that fits perfectly in your hand.


Size:  58mm wide x 50mm high x 12mn Deep.

Weight: 75grams


Onyx crystal teaches the appropriate use of power and focusing one’s energy and will into a positive force. It grounds and stabilizes the emotional body connecting us to Mother Earth, bringing strength in difficult or confusing circumstances and during times mental or physical stress.


Onyx may be used to stimulate the psychic senses and as a protective shield for those who offer spiritual counselling and energy work.  It encourages one to feel safe in its presence and is a remarkable aid for past-life regression to heal old wounds and trauma.


Onyx honours Hecate, the Thracian Goddess of Wisdom, Crossroads, Ghosts and Dark Moon, and also honours Themis, the Greek Goddess of Justice and Order.


Key Attributes: grounding, focus, stability, strength shielding.
Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Leo
Element: Earth


You will recieve the exact crystal in the photo. Size and weight are approximate. Colour may vary from screen slightly.

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