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Crystal Bead Bracelet - Serpentine & Magnetite

Crystal Bead Bracelet - Serpentine & Magnetite

SKU: CRYSB30438609

This crystal bead bracelet features 8mm beads of Serpentine & Magnetite


Containing Serpentine which gets its name from its mottled golden green colour that resembles snakes skin. The Serpent represents rebirth and regeneration of energy and Serpentine takes on these powerful healing abilities. Serpentine activates the Kundalini energy, a lifeforce energy that runs through our body.


Also containing Magnetite which is a very powerful stone that activates our entire chakra system. Working with this stone will help realign our chakras and remove any blockages that may be between them. It helps one stay grounded and connected to this earth, while also bringing down any ideas or feelings that weigh constantly on your mind.


This crystal heals imbalances from past lives and clears emotional baggage from previous relationships allowing your heart chakra to open for new beginnings.


Colour may vary from screen slightly.

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