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Native Soul Incense - Holy Smoke

Native Soul Incense - Holy Smoke


Smudging is a cleansing ritual that dates back to the Native American Indian people, where herbs or tree bark would be burned and the person or place bathed in the fragrant smoke. This ritual of cleansing and purification has lived on and been used for the purification from bad spirits of simply to remove negative vibrations and bring a fresh start to a place or person.
Made from a blend of delicate herbs and spices these incense smudge sticks create a mystical cloud of Holy Smoke that draws positive energies and fills the room with a scent evocative of campfires and wilderness.


Hand rolled incense sticks 15g.
Green Tree Candle Company, The Netherlands. Made in India

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Make sure ashes fall on fire proof surfaces. Use incense in a suitable incense holder in a well ventilated area. Not for human consumption. Not tested on animals.

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