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Native Soul Incense – White Sage & Lavender

Native Soul Incense – White Sage & Lavender


White sage is considered sacred by Indians who have been smoking it for thousands of years. They use it to transform bad energies and also to purify and neutralise people, animals, objects and places, through the technique of smudging.

Lavender is known for its medicinal properties as well as its protective and cleansing properties. It has a calming and balancing effect by restoring the emotional balance. It also opens the heart chakra and so the energy of love can unfold.

White sage and lavender combine in these scent sticks to a highly aromatic smell, they create a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere and allow a deep relaxation.


Hand rolled incense sticks 15g.
Green Tree Candle Company, The Netherlands. Made in India.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Make sure ashes fall on fire proof surfaces. Use incense in a suitable incense holder in a well ventilated area. Not for human consumption. Not tested on animals.

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