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Pink Tourmaline - Large Natural

Pink Tourmaline - Large Natural


This natural Pink Tourmalne in Quartz is a wonderful supportive crystal for healing and meditation.


Size: 55mm long x 53mm wide x 50mm high.

Weight: 108 grams


Pink Tourmaline crystal connects you to wisdom and compassion and stimulates receptivity to healing energies. It inspires trust in love for others but most importantly to love yourself.


The desire for love an create imbalance if we focus our love only towards other people, forgetting that we must also love ourselves.


Pink Tourmalines energy offers comfort from childhood trauma, and heals the wounds that make us feel unworthy of love.


Fill your heart with love and compassion with Pink Tourmaline crystal.


Key Attributes: love, compassion, wisdom, trust, comfort

Chakra: Heart and Crown

Zodiac: Taurus, Libra

Element: Water


You will recieve the exact crystal in the photo. Size and weight are approximate. Colour may vary from screen slightly.

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