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Tribal Soul Backflow Cones – White Copal

Tribal Soul Backflow Cones – White Copal


Copal refers to the variety of resins extracted from the trees of the "Bursera" family. Thousands of years ago, Copal was considered as a  sacred resin my Myans and Aztecs in Mexico and Central America. The Myans used to offer it to the Gods as one of the most valuable things, along with tobacco and cocoa. 


Copal is still used today in shamanic ceremonies for energetic protection, offering, cleansing and purification. It is an excellent incense to make positive changes. Copal has a rich sweeet, piney smell that brings peace and harmony.


10 jumbo backflow incense cones.
Hari Darshan Sevashram, made in India.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Make sure ashes fall on fire proof surfaces. Use incense in a suitable incense holder in a well ventilated area. Not for human consumption. Not tested on animals.

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