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S. Kyle

14th March 2023

I went to the Yin Yoga last night OMG I was blown away, I actually slept for 4 hours straight!!!!! Booking in for the next one for sure  and tonight I am doing the sound bath and the tribal gathering. I am so excited, these ladies are wonderful souls 

M. Healey

5th March 2023

A blissful afternoon of sound bath, yoga, reiki and crystal healing completed by an energising walk in the thunderstorm. Thanks to Tribal Soul Sisters and the rain goddess.


5th March 2023

I went to the grand opening day today and the moment I walked in the door there was a soothing energy that greets you. I attended the reiki crystal healing and sound bath session which was amazing and left me feeling grounded, relaxed and uplifted.

I highly recommend Tribal soul sisters and all the services they offer.

thank you Kim & Coral

Pink Clouds


1st April 2023

A wonderful night at the Tribal Soul Sisters tonight. Friday night Sound Bath and Tribal Gathering which was a most amazing night. Give your mind, body and soul a special time and get to one of these joint nights. My Fridays will neve be the same again. Thank you everyone. What do they say, "if what your doing hasn't changed anything then change what you are doing!" Never truer words said 

11th December 2022



“I attended an in-home Soundbath today. I admit I was dragged along by a mate and wasn't really open to it as i didn't think it was something males attended, however once I arrived Kim & Coral made me feel so welcome and not out of place and i actually really enjoyed the experience. The sounds were other-worldly and i was surprised just how quickly i got into it. I feel so much more relaxed and with Christmas just around the corner i feel so much calmer and less stressed. I will definitely attend again!"

18th November 2022



“Went to my first sound bath hosted by Tribal Soul Sisters this month. Kim and Coral are fantastic at what they do!"

17th November 2022



“I highly recommend Tribal Soul Sisters

I attended the Sacred sounds in the Sanctuary early November. I was greeted by the Tribal Soul Sisters who smudged and cleared my energy before entering the sanctuary allowing me to feel safe.

I've never attended a soundbath souly on its own or by the Tribal Soul Sisters and wow what an experience. I released so much that night. the sounds of all the singing bowls, the gong, the drumming as well as all the other instruments used was so calming.

Thank you Kim and Coral.

Your both amazing and I'll see you again soon. Can't wait to see what other magical events you create for the healing of all that attend. Thank you"

16th November 2022



“Absolutely loved the Sound Bath!

Myself and my best friend went along and from the moment you step inside, after a beautiful welcome and smudge, you immediately start to

feel relaxed.

Just such a lovely experience with the most beautiful sounds to calm, relax and nourish your soul.

Even getting a little gift pack to take home and gorgeous incense available to purchase!

Really looking forward to attending the next event !"

3rd October 2022



“​I had a really enjoyable and relaxing time at the sound bath, the sounds from different instruments/tools were absolutely mesmerising and beautiful. I highly recommend the Tribal Soul Sister's for anyone interested in sound healing, crystal healing, spiritual cleansing, etc.

Kim and Coral are extremely friendly and comforting which makes the whole atmosphere calming and amazing – such a beautiful vibe!"

27th September 2022



“What a wonderful experience the sound bath was, Kim and Coral are amazing, I would definitely recommend Tribal Soul Sisters and their sound bath."

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