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At Tribal Soul Sanctuary Kim and Coral offer private healing sessions.

Our one hour private sessions combine Shamanic Practice along with Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Meditation, Colour Therapy, and our special FLOAT hammocks. We customize your healing session according to your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. We will discuss with you any special needs and triggers you may be experiencing.

We welcome a Carer or family member to join in the healing session, to provide support, and to also receive their own well needed relaxation and selfcare.

Although we can't cure your physical disease or illness, our private healing therapy provides relaxation, a calmness of mind, and spiritual connection that aids in the healing process allowing you and your loved one to feel relaxed, safe and truly cared for.

Tribal Soul Sanctuary sound healing therapy is not listed with the NDIS however, you can claim Sound Therapy, Meditation, and Art/Craft Therapy through your self-managed plan as part of a general category—i.e. “Other” or “Community Access” or “Improved daily living”.

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Private Healing Sessions

Stone Tower

What to Wear
& Bring



If you are wanting to use our Amethyst silk hammocks we require that you wear specific clothing to your float experience. Our silks are easily damaged by anything that will snag. We have bathrooms if you need to change.

For hygiene reasons please wear a T-Shirt or top with sleeves that cover your armpits and socks.

We kindly ask you to wear clothing WITHOUT the following:

Zips, Metal studs, Buttons, Tank top.

Any jewellery including earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches (except a plain wedding band).​

Don't worry, we have paper body tape that you can use to cover jewellery that you cant remove.


Unfortunately we will not be able to let you use our silks if you aren’t wearing appropriate clothing.


We recommend trackpants, or leggings, T-shirt, and jumper.

There is a weight limitation of 120kg as this is the maximum weight our facilitators are able to lift and maneuver safely.

Always bring a bottle of water to our sessions as being hydrated promotes healing.

If you like to journal you can bring a notebook along and sit comfortably and record your experience.

We are able to perform private healing sessions are $80/hour + $20 for the carer.

Please contact us via phone 0468 489 450 or 0468 552 362, or email us to discuss your appointment and personal requirements.

Healing Stones


0468 552 362

0468 489 450



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