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FLOAT is a unique Sound Bath experience engaging your mind, body, and spirit in a completely new way. Indulge your senses while hanging comfortably and fully supported by our gorgeous Amethyst Aerial Silks. Then relax and FLOAT as we create a sound scape that envelopes your entire body, enabling you to journey into the stars and beyond. Combined with guided meditation, aromatherapy, sound, and spiritual guidance our FLOAT class engages all your senses and, is like no other in Adelaide!

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Welcome to FLOAT

The FLOAT Experience

Upon arrival we will greet you at the door and ask you kindly to remove your shoes, turn your devices to silent and place your personal items in a locker provided.

We use a variety of Shamanic practices to spiritually cleanse you, including smudge, aromatherapy and sound depending on your personal choice. This removes any negative energy and helps prepare you for your unique spiritual experience. We will set a healing intention for you of health, love, and happiness.


We will demonstrate how to safely use our beautiful Amethyst Silks and various position you can meditate in. Don’t worry, our professional silks are rated to hold 900Kg, and we provide full assistance with getting in and out if you have any difficulties.

Once settled in the Amethyst Silk we will begin a guided meditation and create a soundscape to journey into the stars and beyond. We will gently bring you back to awareness once the session is complete.

There will be time to openly discuss any thoughts, feelings, visualizations and experiences you may have and provide spiritual support to all. We love Oracle Cards and we will select a card for you to reflect upon and be inspired by.

At Tribal Soul Sanctuary we also provide aftercare spiritual support and recommend easy self-care rituals that you can practice between sessions.

We have a Tea Room area where you can sit, chat with other likeminded people, read a book from our library, journal, or just reflect.

We also have a shop where you can browse our selection of products for sale.

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What to Wear & Bring

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Our Amethyst silks are strong and will hold 900Kg, but they are easily damaged by anything sharp or metal. We require that you wear specific clothing to your float experience. We have bathrooms if you need to change.

Please wear a T-Shirt or top with sleeves that cover your armpits and socks.

We kindly ask you to wear clothing WITHOUT the following:

  • Zips

  • Metal studs

  • Buttons

  • ​Tank top

  • Any jewellery including earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches (except a plain wedding band).​


Unfortunately, we will not be able to let you use our silks if you aren’t wearing appropriate clothing.

We recommend trackpants, or leggings, T-shirt, and jumper.

There is a weight limitation of 120kg as this is the maximum weight our facilitators are able to lift and maneuver safely.

Always bring a bottle of water to our sessions as being hydrated promotes healing.

If you like to journal you can bring a notebook along and sit comfortably and record your experience.


Classes are limited to 15 people 

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